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Alantan Plus Cream 35g

Alantan Plus Cream 35g

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Alantan Plus contains 2 active substances that are responsible for exfoliating, protecting and moisturizing the skin. Alantan also supports wound healing by stimulating the growth of new tissue. Allantoin used regularly helps prevent excessive keratinization of the skin. Dexpanthenol has the ability to bind water, which has a positive effect on skin elasticity.

dry and irritated skin care,
treatment of skin damage such as wounds, abrasions, small skin cracks, minor cuts,
sunburns, burns after radiotherapy and phototherapy,
prevention of diaper rash in infants,
excessive keratinization of the skin of the feet and hands,
supportive treatment in atopic dermatitis, allergic eczema, rhinitis, leg ulcers.
When not to use Alantan Plus:

in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances - allantoin, dexpanthenol or any of the other ingredients of this medicine,
to the eyes
if there are acute inflammations of the skin, also with exudate.