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AA Japan Rituals 50+ Endo-Lifting Active Bio-Cream Night 50ml

AA Japan Rituals 50+ Endo-Lifting Active Bio-Cream Night 50ml

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AA JAPAN RITUALS is a line of cosmetics inspired by the Japanese philosophy of skin care, combining tradition with modern cosmetology and discreet luxury. Smooth skin of Japanese women, famous all over the world, is a symbol of youthful appearance - it is due to exceptional, natural ingredients with unique anti-wrinkle power. Shiso extract and wakame algae combined with sugar ferment provide visible and long-lasting effects - the skin becomes smooth, perfectly moisturized and radiant.


• Wakame algae extract, a source of calcium, minerals and oligosaccharides - stimulates the metabolism of skin cells, strengthens and improves its elasticity.
• Shiso extract, a natural antioxidant that supports the renewal process, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections.
• Centella asiatica extract, stimulating collagen synthesis, rebuilds the skin and ensures an optimal level of hydration.

• Sugar ferment reduces signs of fatigue, regenerates and firms the skin, giving it a healthy glow.


Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the face, avoiding the eye area and gently pat. Use as the last step of skin care.