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AA Bio-Retinol Complex Retinol Intensive Firming Smoothing Eye Cream 15ml

AA Bio-Retinol Complex Retinol Intensive Firming Smoothing Eye Cream 15ml

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AA Retinol Intensive Menopausal Treatment is an innovative care program that precisely and comprehensively responds to the needs of the skin in the perimenopausal period.

The unique formula of the Active Eye Cream is based on the Bio-retinol complex - synergistically combined with the innovative Menopause control pro complex and the moisturizing Hyaluron ultra to intensify the anti-wrinkle and firming effect and ensure the effect of beautiful and healthy skin.

Rejuvenating effect on the skin:
- improvement of tension and elasticity,
- firming and smoothing,
- less visible wrinkles,
- intense hydration.

Action of active ingredients:
- Bio-retinol complex - a biotechnological complex of active ingredients: bakuchiol, steviphenols and a fusion biomimetic peptide TGF, which provides the skin with deep firming, visible smoothing, intense hydration and improved elasticity.
- Menopause control pro - an innovative complex that balances the negative impact of hormonal changes on the skin: effectively smoothes, has a lifting effect and supports the collagen synthesis process, reduces redness and imperfections, and calms irritations, restoring comfort to the skin.
- Hyaluron ultra - thanks to the ability to bind a large amount of water molecules, it intensively moisturizes, smoothes fine wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

The cream does not contain a fragrance. Clinically tested on allergy sufferers. Vegan product, not tested on animals.